CCTV security

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State of the art CCTV Security systems

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Keep an eye on your home or business even when you’re  away with the latest CCTV  technology from dht, which can be implemented seamlessly with our other security products such as Alarm Systems.
Video security
We recommend Hikvision camera systems.
Interactive software permits remote access to live video and archived recordings through any web enabled device.
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For Your Relatives

With an aging but fiercely independent  population, families are often faced with anxious moments, unable to contact an elderly family member at a remote location. Discreet video security camera can be the link that eases anxiety and keeps  you in touch. With video security you can view live video anytime of the day through a smartphone, tablet or desktop PC. Choose to integrate with our 24hr monitoring and you have the best in a safe and secure platform,enabling elderly relatives to live independently but safely.

Check on the kids with Video security while you are at work to make sure they got home from school OK,all from your smartphone,easy convenient and safe.

For Your Pet

Pet lovers can now monitor their pets  for peace of mind when away from home.Not  only to ensure their safety but also to ensure that they are not getting anxious when they are left alone.

For your Business

Dht  provide CCTV security solutions for our retail customers, enabling them to monitor and secure their businesses and point of service locations with high quality cameras and recording equipment viewed locally and remotely.

Day and night

Infrared cameras , day night cameras, motorized pan/tilt cameras all in high def  so you can keep an eye on your property ,even when it’s pitch black. Capable of  seeing  in the dark, CCTV systems from dht never rest.

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