Commercial Vacuum Systems

 Commercial Vacuum Systems that suit your business.

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Dht’s range of commercial vacuum systems are designed to service high demand industrial/commercial applications. Italian design ensures the latest in efficient and reliable performance.

Specifically designed for use in locations such as Motels, car cleaning companies, industrial cleaning, production line care, ect. Infact, anywhere that high performance dust and dirt management is a requirement. We offer the complete system including a centralized machine with dust storage, optional self cleaning filter systems as well as industrial ducting if required.

The Kompatta KT by Aertecnica is designed and built to meet the requirements of the tertiary/professional sector.

The three-phase unit is designed as a monobloc structure, with particular care taken to guarantee quiet operation. The use of composite materials and anti-vibration polyurethane on the moving parts has made it possible to obtain excellent results with minimum noise.

The Kompatta KT range has been designed to offer the maximum amount of versatility possible, the chief characteristics of this product are as follows:

  • Range of 8 models
  • Can be used by 1-3 operators simultaneously
  • Commercial Vacuum SystemsDust-catcher filter
  • Dust-catcher filter, with self-cleaning system
  • Mechanical adjustment of the vacuum
  • Electronic adjustment of the vacuum
  • Built-in soundproofed compensation valve
  • The dust-catcher filter has a filtering surface area of roughly 5 m² and is made of washable polyester

Optional self-cleaning system guarantees greater efficiency so the machine always runs with a perfectly clean filter, reducing possible load loss caused by a dirty cartridge. The dust bin of the Kompatta KT has a capacity of 150 litres for long duration and this feature also reduces cleaning and maintenance.

Contact dht so we can help you design you next commercial vacuum systems project for multi-level housing units, motels, hospitals, clinics and many more applications.

Here are specifications of 3 models from the range showing options such as self cleaning filters and multiple operator use commercial vacuum systems.

 Model  CIKT10  CIKT20A  CIKT30A
 Number of simultaneous Operators  1  2  3
 Self Cleaning  no  yes  yes
 Airflow m3/h  300  360  380
 Sealed Vacuum mmH2O  4000  4000  4000
 Dimensions  LxDxH  92X76X196   92X76X196  92X76X196
 Mass in kg  132  150  170
Diameter cm  56  56  56
 Noise Level db  <70  <70  <70
 Filter cartridge area in m2  5  5  5
 Dust bin capacity in litres  150  150  150
3 Phase power  yes  yes  yes


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