Ducted Vacuum

Ducted Vacuum systems

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Ducted Vacuum systems by DHT

What are the key benefits of installing a ducted vacuum system from dht?

    • Improved air quality – Allergy specialists recommend the use of a high quality vacuum cleaner,at least  a system with a HEPA  filter or an even better option is a ducted vacuum system where the bag/filter are outside and the efficiency of the filter virtually irrelevant. Vacuuming with a portable vacuum , no matter how expensive it is or trendy it looks ,can actually increase the amount of house dust mite allergen in the air.
    • Reduced noise in the home – because the power unit is located out of the living space,noise is reduced totally.The only sound is the dust and dirt being efficiently removed in the powerful airstream of your ducted system
    • Highest possible cleaning performance -no drag around portable vacuum can match the performance of a built in high performance ducted machine
    • Adds resale value to any property – a desirable asset for your home

Ducted Vacuum systems

A tried and proven product – ducted vacuuming has been around for over 50 years and dht has been installing and servicing ducted vacuum systems for over 25 years so with that sort of experience and product support you know you are dealing with the experts.

Ducted Vacuum products we use and recommend include

BEAM ducted vacuums – quiet, powerful and  reliable ,Beam is one of the Premium  brands. BEAM is the worlds largest supplier of ducted vacuum systems with over 50 years of operation. A reflection of the industry respect for their products was their recent purchase by major international company, Electrolux.
NEW Alliance series by BEAM  – BEAM Alliance central vacuum systems have been intuitively designed for maximum cleaning performance. With the combination of a more powerful motor and fully sealed BEAM Alliance hose & wand, BEAM Allianceprovides superior cleaning results while using less energy than conventional portable vacuums. The exclusive BEAM Alliance Interface allows the power unit and hose handle to communicate with each other allowing you to monitor the performance of your system while vacuuming.


 Serenity series – featuring very low sound levels, high efficiency bypass motors, soft start control system to protect motor life and 5 year warranty – also available with an optional LCD monitor. The LCD screen on the L series will monitor  everything from motor power to hours of use.  Compatible with variable speed hosesThe LCD option is available on the 395, 385 and 335.These are the  models in the Serenity Platinum range ,
BEAM Serenity 398 – dht recommends the 398 for  larger homes over  50  house squares  – for extra heavy duty use

Airwatts: 735
 Sound Level :63db
          Height :106.5 cm
     Diameter  :35.5 cm
BEAM Serenity 385 – dht recommend the 385 for medium to large homes in the range of 50 – 70 house squares  – normal use

Airwatts: 700
 Sound Level :63db
          Height : 106.5 cm
     Diameter  :35.5 cm


BEAM Serenity 335- dht recommend the 335 for moderate sized homes up to 50 house squares

Airwatts: 620
 Sound Level :62db
          Height : 106 cm
     Diameter  :35.5 cm
 Aertecnica from Italy  – innovative feature list and featuring quiet operation the Studio series from Italian manufacturer Aertecnica offers bagless operation,soft start control system to protect motor life and 5 year warranty. Aertecnica are famous world wide for their premium range of Commercial grade machines and are the ” go to ” product for serious industrial use. Here are the most popular  models from their Studio range, specifically designed for  residential use. Click here to read more about the exciting Aertecnica commercial range, also great for large homes.
Aertecnica Studio TS1 – dht recommends the TS2 for  compact to moderately sized homes up to 30 house squares

Airwatts: 504
 Sound Level :57
          Height : 64 cm
     Diameter  :28 cm
 Bagless operation
Aertecnica Studio TS2 – dht recommends the TS2 for  generously sized homes  50 – 60 house squares

Airwatts: 653
 Sound Level :56
          Height : 90 cm
     Diameter  :28 cm
 Bagless operation
Aertecnica Studio TS4 – dht recommends the TS4 for larger sized homes over 50 house squares

Airwatts: 690
 Sound Level :58
          Height : 103 cm
     Diameter  :28 cm
 Bagless operation

Cyclovac ducted vacuum systems

Cyclo are another Premium vacuum brand sold in Australia. Manufactured in Canada. very high quality build and finish, and as such a little more expensive than the BEAM, they offer high quality high performance machines.

Some models from the Cyclo range

Cyclovac 711 – dht recommends the 711 for medium to large homes in the range of 50 – 70 house squares  –  available as bag or bag-less

Cyclovac 311 – dht recommends the 311 for medium homes 45 – 60 house squares

Cyclovac 211  – dht recommends the 211 for  medium  homes in the range of 30- 55 house squares – the quietest model on the market


Cyclic ducted vacuum systems

Another long term Australian manufacturer,Cyclic offer a range of high performance ,low energy consumption machines.

Premier Clean ducted Vacuum systems

Simple Australian built machines with good product support.

iCentral Valet ducted systems

One of the oldest names in the Australian ducted vacuum industry and now backed by NESS, the largest manufacturer of electronic security and automation products in Australia.

Hills Ducted vacuum systems

From the same company that brought you the Hills hoist ,so you know they’ve been around a while ! Economy machine,full featured at  a bargain price.

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