Smart Cabling for the NBN

Smart Cabling solution for your NBN service.

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Cabling systems for the future? Why wait, the future is here! A home wired by dht has a hidden asset, a network of high tech cabling, usually with a central control panel.  This is the electronic backbone of your home, connecting  computers, home cinema, hi-fi, radio, TV and telephones, all with one controller for  your whole system,  providing a whole new way to enjoy your home. Ready to take full advantage of the NBN rollout currently underway?

TV, Internet and streaming media, catch up with emails or just gossip, go online in the home where you want to. Information at your fingertips when you need it. With data points in every room, there’s no more struggling to get computer time. If the kids need to do homework or you are working from home, you have total flexibility. Internet TV is here now and Telephones, VOIP,  faxes and computers can be plugged in where you like. Rooms can adapt to become your office or study. Computers can network together to share your latest digital photos and music. All of the latest multimedia and game consoles online to maximize their potential.


Watch what you want, where you want, Digital music in the living room, YouTube video in the rumpus, downloaded movies and TV shows to watch at any TV, it’s your choice. At dht we build your system based on how you want to live your life.

And what about wireless technology? In new construction, dht recommends installing a secure wired data network. However, in addition to allowing for  hardwired points for the heavier bandwidth users, we also recommend the provision of wireless access to complete the digital home. A combination of wired and wireless components is the best solution for dht clients and enables the use of touch screen remotes and  much more. The future is here with the NBN in Sydney now so contact dht today and get ready to jump on on-board.

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