Ducted Vacuum

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Ducted Vacuum systems

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With the development of well-insulated residences to achieve modern low energy needs and high comfort, indoor air quality frequently suffers from elevated levels of respirable fine dust. Our ducted cleaning system eliminates these microscopic particles and dust mites, ensuring they are not circulated back into your living space to be breathed in.

Not only healthier, but are also more convenient, powerful, and easier to use and empty than portable vacuum cleaners. With our systems, you can forget the hassle of dragging a heavy vacuum cleaner around the house or dealing with flat batteries when you’ve only just got cleaning. Our vacuum systems are so quiet within the home that they can be used around sleeping children without disturbing their peaceful slumber.

Invest in your family’s health and convenience with our ducted vacuum systems. Say goodbye to dusty, unhealthy air and hello to a fresh and clean home.

Ducted Vacuum systems