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Magical Home Theatre on the Big Screen!

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Vivid visual displays on the big screen that  show beautiful deep colors, awesome sound quality from quality audio components and intuitive, easy to use control systems, this is home theatre the dht way.

Immerse yourself in the true cinema experience without ever having to leave your home.

Magical Home Theatre on the Big Screen! | DHT - the technology integrators

Working with each of our clients individually, Davids Home Technology can create a customized home cinema that is unique and tailored to your specifications, unlike any ‘off the shelf ‘ package system. This ensures our clients receive the home theatre experience they desire.

Guided by our client’s needs, we  work to achieve the most satisfying result within their budget, our products are carefully sourced, specialized AV components difficult to find in regular home-ware mega stores, providing a reliable, state of the art, blockbuster movie experience at home.

Projectors from Optoma, AV amplifiers from Integra, speakers from Sonance, Swan and KEF all offer that little bit extra that will set your home cinema apart from the pack. As well as high quality projection, we also offer a great range of in-wall or floor-standing speakers.

Home Theatre

Acoustic treatment for truly professional sound

What is acoustic treatment ?

Adding acoustic treatment allows you to achieve the very best results from your sound system. Acoustic treatment is the secret behind the epic, immersive and inspiring sound you hear in all professional cinemas. Utilizing Acoustic treatment, this experience can be recreated within the comfort of your own home.

Dht offers affordable acoustic treatments for your home cinema to bring out the very essence and emotion of your movie soundtrack (And the attractive acoustic panels look great too).

Subtle, beautiful sound from high quality speakers, as well as some serious horsepower when necessary.

From the softest voice to the loudest earth shattering explosion your home theatre can respond.

Contact dht today to discuss your new Home Theatre.