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Smart Home Alarm systems

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Need service for your alarm? For example, your back up battery should be replaced within 3 – 5 years and this is usually a good opportunity to arrange a service call to check things over.

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Reliable and Affordable Alarm Systems

Smart phone app – upgrade your existing dht alarm with a smartphone app.We can install a module into your existing dht alarm that will provide all sorts of additional features such as alarm notifications, status, remote arm and disarm .Does not require a phone line so its very useful after the NBN is installed – Cost is $495

remote smartphone app

Movement Sensors Optional Pet aware sensors allow your pet to move safely and freely within the home without setting off the sirens.

Back to Base – optional 24hr monitoring provides the highest level of security.We offer this service as an option on all of our systems

Wireless Alarm options – Wireless technology means that new or  existing alarm system can easily be upgraded to include protection on windows, doors

Reliable and Affordable Alarm Systems

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