Multi room sound

SONOS with Sonance , the best of both worlds

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Multi-room sound provides an elegant ambience and then rocking power when the mood strikes! Get brilliant sound without compromising space or design with Sonos Architectural by Sonance and sonos amp

We usually recommend a pair of Sonance speakers and a Sonos amp for the living area , another for the formal lounge and outdoor speakers with an amp for the external entertaining areas

Weatherproof wall mounted speakers can be used when it is not possible to flushmount
Discreet hidden speakers enhance the landscaping with premium music

Just to clear up any confusion , although very similar sounding in name, these are two very independent specialist brands. Sonance is the premium in-wall speaker manufacturer while Sonos provides the music.When combined ,you have the best from both worlds and the result? great sound from the easiest to use music system available